PROTAN Ventiflex The experience of half a century in the weaving and welding of coated textiles and our enthusiastic employees are the reason for our high-carat products and content customer.

This year Protan has been manufacturing Ventiflex ventilation ducts for 55 years. It has been a period of continuous development and endeavours to meet growing demands and requests for new dimensions. We produce ducting with lengths up to 500 metres and diameters up to 3000 mm. We manufacture all the ducting components ourselves. The ducting comes in six special qualities for different purposes and needs. All are flame-retardant and comply with international standards, and are designed for underground projects.
Ventilation ducts: tissue and threads

After numerous tests we have found the optimal thread in August 2002. Form stable without being too stable at over-load. A form stable thread is imperative in flexible material at the production of ventilation ducts. It supports the form of the whole duct, improves the air transport and causes to lower turbulence. At over-load it must nevertheless show a certain elasticity for the rise of the breaking resistance. Some years ago one started to use stabilized threads which were only form stable and had in case of over-load great negative consequences like long breaking damages which put the whole ventilation plant out of operation. Our patience has been worthwhile. With our tests we have found the optimal thread now. To develop the positive qualities still further, we have tried out new fabric combinations which increase the breaking resistance along the ready duct. Form stable ducts are the result with a breaking resistance increased strongly along the whole length of the duct. Breaking damages arise from it less and short at Protan Ventiflex ducts. Under the same conditions it will be a much larger air quantity at the tunnel face using these materials and therefor a greater safety margin of the the ventilation system. To our knowledge Protan Ventiflex is the only manufacturer of these special fabrics.
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