Terratec is a world leader in full-face rock cutting technology

Terratec manufactures and modifies new and existing Tunnel Boring Machines, Raise Boring Machines, Tunneling Backup and Muck Removal Equipment and provides specialist engineering services. Terratec is a world leader in full-face rock cutting technology and supplies equipment to the underground mining and construction industries worldwide.
Tunnel Borers, Raise Borers, Conveyors, Tunnelling Equipment and Services

Rock excavation by machine is a task that requires the machine manufacturer to work closely with the end user. Unfortunately, large manufacturers have lost sight of this requirement. When this method is adopted, as it is by Terratec, there are major advantages for the customer. Our people are committed to new technology, but also realise that any project using full face machines requires custom design for the application, coupled with the specified needs of the customer. Terratec engineers provide methods to increase the performance of your existing machine. Should difficult ground conditions be encountered, Terratec guarantees it can provide a solution either using Terratec personnel direct, or, where necessary, using international affiliate companies that also specialise in tunnel boring equipment.
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