We solve complex customer wishes for tunnel formworks

RAUH Betonschalungen AG is a specialized service company for development and production of concrete formworks. The own engineering office and the production plants with the most modern infrastructure guarantee the realization of complex customer wishes. RAUH Betonschalungen AG was founded in 1972 and is to 100% in the possession of the family Rauh.
Tunnel shutterings, portal shutterings and special formworks for cut-and-cover tunnelling works

For tunnel construction works we make shutterings for crossovers, rescue-, water and gas galleries, caverns, SOS-niches up to usual profiles in traffic tunnel constructions, full-round, round or rectangular, self-propelled, hydraulicly or manually used. We in addition design everything like invert shutterings, mobile scaffolds and solutions for the concrete contribution and distribution. For cut-and-cover works we supply shutterings as half and full monolithic cross-sections, counter vault shutterings self-driving or movable by crane, in steel or wood, . We in addition design head shutterings with reinforcement penetration, foundation shutterings and tunnel portal shutterings and formworks.
RAUH Betonschalungen AG     
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3661 Uetendorf

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