CIFA full line. The "full line" company in concrete technology.

Being a full line manufacturer in the concrete industry enables CIFA to appreciate and understand the future expectations of our customer in advance and with great clarity and consequently to focus on the development of new products meeting and usually exceeding our customer' needs. To be "full line" is the goal which makes CIFA world leader on concrete technology. A great industrial concern which makes group synergy its main strenght. Who chooses a CIFA product acquires an entire "company system", capable of resolving with notability all the operative requests of these working with concrete.
Big job sites. From formworks to "Spritz Systems" in the world's largest construction yards.

SELF-REACTING TUNNEL FORMWORK Formwork to cast medium and large cross-section linings, on-site with an articulated structure to support the crete forces. The self-propelled, hydraulic transport and dismantling carriage, jet spray system with model "DCL" distributor and centralised sidewall vibration system. SELF-SUPPORTING TUNNEL FORMWORK Formwork to cast medium and large cross-section linings, with base anchoring using tyloops, or using reusable pins. The self-propelled, hydraulic transport and dismantling carriage has a telescopic function or a single section design. This self-supporting formwork solution includes centralised jet spray and sidewall vibration systems. Service and maintenance carriages are supplied to complete the system. SELF-LAUNCHING TUNNEL FORMWORK Formwork for open or "Full round" sections with integrated carriage, mutually linked for the related forward movement along horizontal or inclined tracks. The system does not require service rails to be laid or the preparation of a sliding surface since there are no rotating wheels. This formwork solution is equipped with centralised jet spray and sidewall vibration system. TELESCOPIC FULL ROUND TUNNEL FORMWORK Telescopic, "full round" multi-scetion formwork ideal to achieve continuous advancement or block jets. Self-propelled, hydraulic transport carriage available in the traditional version: "Omega" type and "America" type. Accessories include: pneumatic or electric side-wall vibration, jet spray system with articulated feed piping, service carriages, concrete mixing trains with Trainmix with a capacity ranging from 2.5 to 11 mc and trolley-mounted pumps on skid.
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