Tunnel Ausbau Technik (TAT) - your worldwide supplier of the PANTEX Lattice Girder System

Tunnel Ausbau Technik (TAT) in Kleinmaischeid / Germany are spezialist in Tunnel Support Systems. Particularly in the design, development and manufacture of the Pantex Lattice Girder Systems. The worlds premiere NATM support system - always used when quality reliability and safety are important. TAT GmbH covers civil engineering projects worldwide, supported by it`s partner companies in many countries throughout the world.
The PANTEX Lattice System

Tunnel Support System Pantex Lattice Girders Pantex Lattice Girders have been developed for the special demands of tunnel construction. The Pantex Lattice System has been rigorously tested and successfully installed in many tunnel projects throughout the world. Contrary to standard rolled steel sections and regardless of shape the Pantex Lattice System, in conjunction with shotcrete, is totally surrounded by concrete, forming a complete homogeneous composite structure with no unconsolidated areas, voids or fissures visible. The overall result is a tunnel lining that significantly reduces ground settlement and prevents the ingress of water. Pantex Lattice Girders fulfil important functions in tunnel construction Immediate ground support. The Pantex Lattice System has been designed to accommodate significant static load conditions. This is an important criteria especially for immediate ground support and particularly when the shotcrete is curing. The load bearing capacity of Pantex Lattice Girders has been proven trought rigorous testing. Due to the total integration with the shotcrete spray, the Pantex Lattice Girders are completely encased in concrete and form a complete composite reliable structure. The quality of the bond between the shotcrete and the Pantex Lattic Girders is determined essentially by the mechanical properties of the shotcrete (compressive and tensile strength) and the geometry of the Pantex Lattice Girders. This quality is essential for the tunnel lining to achieve its designed deflection performance characteristics.
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