Geotechnical Reports
   Planing/ design and tender preparation
   Project support during tendering
   Implemantation planning and static calculation
   Consulting for site management and logistic
   Consulting geotechnics
   Supervision / inspection
   Legal consultancy
   Claim management
   Expert / evaluator / arbitration
   Projects and Subcontracts
   Hyperbaric Tunnel Construction and Diving
   Sealing / Grouting
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Tunnel brackets, heavy design
Tunnel brackets, heavy design Improvised tunnel bracket often used in tunnels to accommodate surveying instruments and/or prisms on the tunnel wall or ceiling. These tunnel brackets are often improvised from leftover U-shaped profiles. With ...

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Single Arm Wall Bracket 14-TK1
Single Arm Wall Bracket 14-TK1 Very light, easy to transport console of high manufacturing quality for all modern surveying instruments. Since a number of instrument positions are seldom used simultaneously, even on larger construction sites, ...

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Fixing accessories
Fixing accessories Depending on the purpose of the installation, there are several possibilities for fixing our swivel bracket. In tunnel construction, the swivel bracket can be fastened to either a convergence bolt with ...

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Tunneldiving Container
Tunneldiving Container Container Data: Length of Container 3,0 m Length over all 4,7 m Width over all 2,0 m Hight of Container 2,0 m Hight over all 2,25 m Container Equipment: 1 x 1 Compressor Draeger K 14 200/300 ...

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Video Endoscope System XL Pro
Video Endoscope System XL Pro A video probe should be always used if the compressed air technicians are unable to inspect the tools at the cutter head in complete safety. The advanced, proven inspection technology of the ...

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