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MÜHLHÄUSER Accessories
MÜHLHÄUSER Accessories ENGINEERING EXPERTISE FOR COMPONENTS Suspension systems, couplings, wheelsets, bogeys, tipping arrangements - our components, some of which we developed ourselves, represent a significant extension to our product range and may be ...

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High Pressure Water Jetting
High Pressure Water Jetting Type : SMB 150/3 P30E Pump Head : PK-HD 101,6-2 Performance : 150 PS = 110 kW Max. Pressure : 650 bar Rate of Water Flow : 88 l/min Max Length of ...

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Portable Oxygen Breathing System
Portable Oxygen Breathing System The portable oxygen breathing system is a solution for pressure chambers where fragile mask and communication connections are not permanently needed. For example locks built into tunnel boring machines, where ...

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2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs
2 Lutten Ventilators Type: P-X8L5/V0.8/1400/G/Luvs Those two ventilators + tubes are for sale: (Due to the bad data transmission, faults in the technical description are possible) Technical Data: Volume flow rate V m³/h 174 240 84 537 Static pressure ...

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Abrasive Cutting
Abrasive Cutting WASS -System (WaterAbrasiveSuspension Schneidverfahren): is an abrasive cutting system for cutting of concrete and steel, above and underwater as well as for cutting in nuclear power plants and tunnel boring ...

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SELI Tunnel Construction
SELI since 1950 is working in the TBM tunnelling industry and is the most experienced tunnelling company worldwide.

HITACHI TBM Construction
HITACHI Tunneling Technology Explores Tomorrow's Geofront (Underground Space) - HITACHI Construction Machinery

We supply form works
for the manufacturing of tunnel segments.

SPT Diving Pumps
We sell and rent out high-quality diving pumps for the construction and industrial area from 0.25 to 65 kW.

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