Conventional tunnelling / NATM
   Excavation equipment
   Drilling and blasting equipment (wheel / crawler / track)
   Loading and transport equipment (wheel / crawler)
   Equipment on tracks
   Lift equipment
   Material conditioning and recycling
   Concrete / mortar / shotcrete equipment
   Air ventilation / dedusting
   Bulkheads / rescue equipment
   Compressed air
   Electrical energy
   Water equipment and drainage
   Inner lining - Production and Restoration
   Measuring equipment
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Rubber Plates
Rubber Plates for shotcrete machines ALIVA and other producers ...

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Canopy Tube System for Tunnelling
Canopy Tube System for Tunnelling The special technology of canopy tube pipes are used in order to drive tunnels economically in poor ground conditions. Perforated pipes, which are subsequently grout injected, are drilled into the ...

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Tunnel Formwork Systems
Tunnel Formwork Systems We supply individually designed tunnel formwork or standardized systems made of steel or combined with timber for all sorts of tunnelling requirements. Creating innovative and economical formwork solutions is at ...

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Pump lubricant
Pump lubricant Very effective lubricant for pipes and hoses of concrete pumps and mobile shotcrete machines. - prevents clogs when starting - simple handling - bag to 200g - mixed with water ...

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Shotcrete Test Set Penetration Needle
Shotcrete Test Set Penetration Needle for the determination of the early strength according to the "Austrian guideline for sprayed concrete" Complete set incl. needle and accessories, also usable as scales ...

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MC - Bauchemie
MC - INNOVATION IN BUILDING CHEMICALS MC - Bauchemie`s wide range of products and services in tunnelling is ...

deilmann-haniel mining
systems. We spezialize in the construction of machinery and equipment for tunnelling, mining and shaft sinking.

Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH
Your supplier of ventilation systems for tunnelling, road and railway tunnels...

International leaders in safe, rational and cost-effective dust collection. Process-orientated solutions worldwide.

CIFA Tunnel formwork
Top quality equipment. Self-reacting, self-supporting, self-launching, telescopic "Full round", underground ducts.

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